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    Total Service Solution (TSS) 全面服務管理

    來源:專才培訓協會PTA      類別:企業培訓      發佈時間:2019-10-03

    本企業培訓課程專為企業中高層而設, 以企業培訓由企業願景開始, 提供由上而下的策略革新方法, 以求新的結果。更可為客戶度身訂造最適合的企業培訓課程, 獨一無二。

    TSS is a proven and powerful approach to achieving service excellence. It ensures that all members of an organization are aligned towards common goals and possess the skills necessary to contribute towards these goals. We apply TSS by identifying and customizing components of TSS which are most suited to the unique needs of each individual client. 
    “全面服務方案” (簡稱TSS)是一套極具成效的管理支援系統,配合本會的 “企業研究及分析方案”(簡稱ABCS),能確保所有員工均與公司擁有共同目標,並具備致目標所需之能力。我們會依據客戶不同所需,釐定及度身訂造最適合的(TSS)管理支援系統。

    Top management Alignment Programme 高層管理共識計劃
    Companies around the world are striving to stay competitive by innovating, adding value and enhancing service quality. To do so successfully requires proper business planning, which in turn rely on high quality information. Business research has emerged as an essential business instrument in these competitive times.

    Our team of top notch researchers are skilled in all aspects of research design, execution and statistical analysis. Combining business know-how with the latest research techniques, we produce high quality information to support our clients’ decision making.

    Research Project Programme 調查研究計劃
    Customer Satisfaction Surveys 顧客滿意調查
    Knowing what customers think of your products and services is a prerequisite for business survival. Customer satisfaction surveys provide a direct and reliable source of information, which you can use to help retain existing customers-and attract new ones.

    All measurement and assessment tools must be well-designed, able to withstand micro-analysis, and customized to suit the unique business nature of the company.

    Data analysis should be practical and must yield meaningful information which the client can use for business decision making.

    Mystery Shopper Programmes 神秘顧客評核
    Internal Customer Climate Surveys 內部客戶氣候調查及分析 

    Mystery shopper programmes are conducted under the following principles:

    While the indentities of shoppers are “mysterious”, the objectives of the initiate must be clearly communicated to both management and employees.
    Mystery shoppers should be come from an appropriate demographic spectrum which corresponds to the customer profile of the company.
    Mystery shoppers must be highly trained to allow unbiased assessment.
    -  管理階層和員工之間必須清晰溝通「神秘顧客」的評核目的
    - 「神秘顧客」須來自不同背景,以配合客戶不同的顧客層之需要
    - 「神秘顧客」必須經過專業培訓,以具備客觀的評核技巧

    Internal Customer Climate Surveys 內部客戶氣候調查及分析
    Your staff is your most important asset and business partner. To succeed, you need your employees’ support and cooperation. To drive an organizational change, you must first understand their opinions and then plan accordingly.

    Properly designed internal climate surveys target appropriate layers of the organization, to identify and analyze critical issues, such as managerial effectiveness, departmental communication, staff morale and employee satisfaction. They provide genuine insights into how well your organization is performing.

    Professional Training and Development 專業培訓及發展
    PTA is industry leader in the design and delivery of customer service training. From customized in-house workshops to large scale public seminars, our training methods set industry benchmarks. Our goal is to produce immediate and enduring results for our clients. In addition, we offer a range of expertise in personal and managerial development, to maximize your staff’s effectiveness and your organization’s performance.

    Excellent customer service and professional sales training 顧客服務及專業銷售培訓

    Professional Sales Training專業銷售培訓
    - Customer Service Imperative顧客服務的迫切性
    - Versatile Service and Selling Standard多元化服務及銷售標準
    - Professional Selling and Social Style Selling專業銷售及個人風格銷售
    - Direct selling直接銷售
    - Handling Difficult Situation and Complaints Effectively有效地處理困難情況及顧客投訴
    - (For Leaders) Service Auditing and Coaching服務評核與教練 (管理篇)
    - (For Leaders) Service Goal Setting and Team Building服務團隊目標訂立 (管理篇)
    - (For Leaders) Field Coaching實地培訓教練 (管理篇)
    Customer Service Training顧客服務培訓
    - Service Empathy服務同理心
    - Emotional Self Mastery自我駕馭情緒
    - Service Motivation服務推動力
    - Service Flow服務神馳
    - Service Mentoring服務教練
    - Service Team Synergy服務團隊互動力
    Team Building and Experiential Training團隊及體驗培訓
    - Team Motivation團隊激勵
    - Team Communication團隊溝通
    - Team Synergy團隊互動力
    - Experiential Team Building體驗式團隊建立
    - Experiential Personal Breakthrough體驗式個人突破
    Managerial and Executive Training管理及行政人員培訓
    - Transformational Leadership蛻變領導能力
    - Strategic Planning and Decision Making策略性計劃及決策
    - Change Management轉變管理
    - Business Communication商業溝通
    - Train-the-Trainers導師培訓
    - Delegation Skills委任技巧
    - Negotiation Skills談判技巧
    - Presentation Skills演說技巧
    - Interviewing Skills面試技巧
    - Performance Appraisal表現管理
    - Socializing and Counselling教化及輔導
    - Problem Solving Skills解決問題技巧
    Personal Development個人發展培訓
    - Project Management項目管理
    - Time Management時間管理
    - Stress Management壓力管理
    - Self Motivation自我激勵
    - Interpersonal Communication人際溝通
    - EQ and Social Intelligence情緒智商及人際關係
    - Winning in Adversity逆中求勝

    Target Focus Group 目標焦點小組
    Does customer participation contribute to a company’s business planning, strategy development, products and services quality, etc.? Experience and research have conclusively proven this to be so. While quantitative information from a variety of surveys is indispensable, you also need quintessential question, “What do our customers really want?” It succeeds by assessing customers’ deep perceptions and instinctive reactions.

    Focus groups managed by Tiptop are facilitated by experienced consultants, who are fluent in guiding participants and maximizing groups synergy for insightful information.

    Business Research and Analysis 企業研究及分析
    We use the most effective research methodologies, and specialize highly customized projects which yield meaningful business information to our clients.

    Senior management recognization planning- 高層管理共識計劃
    Customer satisfaction surveys – 顧客滿意調查
    Mystery shopper programmes – 神秘顧客評核
    Internal climate surveys – 內部氣候調查及分析
    Focus groups – 焦點小組
    Corporate vision and cultural assessment - 企業願景及文化評核